The Spiritual Energy Body and How It Really Works

The Spiritual Energy Body and How It Really Works

Most people who have an interest in spirituality have heard of the Chakras, the psychic energy centers.  But what most do not realize is that these wheels of energy are only the most basic component of a much more powerful Spiritual Energy Body that is waiting to be constructed and activated and used.  This expansive spiritual energy body has the capacity to conduct, transmit and even generate Divine force.

A possible configuration of a Spiritual Energy Body, in the tradition of a Yantra (Spiritual Energy Mechanism)

In this workshop you will learn the secrets of the design of the human energy body and how to activate and operate it.  The details of its construction and the principles of its functioning are only now becoming understood.  

Combining ancient knowledge from the wisdom traditions of Tibet, India, China and indigenous cultures from around the world with emerging scientific work on the nature of the universe, Yogi Steven delves into the previously unrevealed depths of human potential.

Humans are constructed with innate potentials for longevity, psychic power and direct sourcing of universal force (Shakti) for sustenance and growth.  Until now, with the rare exception of certain spiritual Adepts, as a species we have only been half-human and half-animal.  We have developed the cognitive functions while retaining the animal instincts.

 We are now on the cusp of a new stage of Evolution which involves awakening the full potentials inherent in the human design and finally becoming fully Human.  Doing so remains difficult and challenging, but is more possible now than ever before for the Yogi that decides to strike out on the path.  This workshop will supply you with the understanding and the tools of sadhana (spiritual practice) to discover, constuct, cultivate and utilize your Spiritual Energy Body in the way that the Divine has intended.