Here are brief descriptions of some of the classes and workshops that I offer.  These can be one on one private sessions or small group semi-private sessions for you and your family or friends.


Spirit Science Yoga class integrates all aspects of the Spiritual Sciences.  We work our physical bodies with Yoga forms, flow sequences and Tai Chi inspired movements.  We learn to embody the forms with the underlying energies that they express.  We stimulate our spirit connection with the Divine with chants and song.  Breathing exercises, cleansing actions and internal core engagement practices activate the energy body.  We expand our intellect, learning through dynamic exchange, discussion and direct experience about our physical, energetic, mental, emotional and soul bodies.  And we focus and calm the mind through a wide variety of meditational techniques.  Through this class you will learn all the methods available to the Yogi to cultivate your true personal relationship with the Divine while simultaneously strengthening the body and gaining range of motion and flexibility, releasing tension and developing a healthful being.  And you will have fun doing it!


This one on one private session is for those who identify themselves as either on a spiritual path or seeking entry into spiritual life.  You will learn who you are spiritually in this lifetime and at this point in your life and you will come away with a core set of daily practices designed to take your spiritual life to the next level.

A pre-session questionnaire will prepare me to counsel you.  Through dialog and meditation and a variety of tests and practices we will uncover the truth of your current relationship with the Divine and discover the best path to take to your further development.  You will know your true Self more clearly and become grounded in understanding and practices that will cultivate an abiding in that true Self.

If your interest in spiritual life is real and sincere, this will be a transformative session that will inform and revitalize every aspect of your life.


The very purpose of existence and of all our doings is to grow in relationship to the Divine.  Every life situation, all objects of focus and each treasured experience is a MEANS through which we align with the Divine.  Career, romantic partnership, car, house, property, vacations, travel, physical accomplishments....these are not ENDS in and of themselves but merely MEANS by which we perfect our Being through life and so approach the fulfillment of Divine purpose.  

We live and work for to arrive at happiness, joy, bliss, contentment, fulfillment.  We orient our lives to acquire the things and experiences that we believe will grant us these prized states of being.  We keep long lists of conditions and successes that we feel are required to justify our enjoyment of these qualities. 

The plain and simple fact is that we can live in happiness and fulfillment today, RIGHT NOW…without all the toil and suffering and stress normally associated with "getting there".  As all the sages and teachers and yogis throughout the ages have tried to tell us in innumerable ways, it's our Divine unconditional birthright to be happy, peaceful and contented!

ENACTIVATION is a process of accessing and utilizing the mundane and readily available things of the world to generate the ENERGY that can ACTIVATE the qualities we seek from life by ENACTING their power through conscious practice.  The scent of a flower, the taste of a favorite treat, giving and receiving a hug, the sound of a bell, the sight of a blue sky, the warmth of the sun…all of these daily and easily accessible things can be consciously used to cultivate the very attributes that we most desire in life.  You can ENACTIVATE your personal power by simply choosing to embody the qualities of happiness, joy, bliss, contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction without needing to pursue the causal factors commonly associated with them.  It's all available to you, right now, today, if you choose!

Once you have firmly established these qualities in yourself, you can then move through the world in freedom of choice and not in compulsion of need.  Anything you freely choose to pursue becomes an awesome cherry on top of a life that is already a perpetual ice cream sundae!


All of life is in relationship to the Divine.  When we recognize this basic fact, we choose to enter onto the aware spiritual path.  We choose to consciously develop life as an offering to the Divine.

How can we cultivate our relationship with the Divine?  There are many methods and practices, but across all time and all traditions it is universally acknowledged that the practice of creating a special, designated space for spiritual practice and contemplation is among the most powerful.

In this workshop you will learn how to create an externalization of your inner spiritual life in the form of an altar or sacred space.  Some of the components we will learn to work with include:

  • elemental components--earth, water, fire, air, ether, consciousness--and how they work together
  • the power of spoken Word and instrumental vibration
  • how to assign the quality of "Divine" to any image or design that meets your personal criteria
  • representative objects of past, present and future
  • the power of offerings
  • physical postures and gestures to interact with your Divine space

You will have the opportunity to put these principles into practice as you design your own sacred space at the workshop.  You will be invited to bring a collection of personal items to the workshop and there will be a variety of materials supplied for you to work with as well.  You will learn to arrange all the components of your sacred space to evoke the spiritual condition that you are consciously working to cultivate at any point in your life.  The altar becomes a functional machine generating the energy conducive to your spiritual development.

Through your sacred space, you learn to cultivate your inner garden by tending to and nurturing its outward expression.  In doing so, you draw nearer to the Divine each time you practice.  It becomes an integral and central part of the flow and vibration of your life.


Across all traditions the saints and sages and teachers agree:  surrender to the Divine is the most essential component of spiritual realization.  Yet it is the most difficult thing for us to do.  The very notion of relinquishing control or bowing down to any other power is anathema to our ego.  

Surrender to the Divine is the greatest victory in Life.  The choice is obvious and clear: eIther in Death after suffering through life's troubles or in Life through spiritual practice, one way or another, we will ultimately surrender it all to the Divine source.  In this workshop we will learn how to align with the Divine now in Life and reap the benefits of joy, bliss, contentment, health, inner peace, connectedness, goodwill, prosperity and Divine Love.

We will learn to understand and feel and cultivate the Power of Surrender.  Physical postures that evoke surrender, meditations, vocalizations and prayer, offerings, dedication of time and merit and sacred silence are some of the tools we will explore as we learn to embrace the Power of the Divine in our lives.


Hiking Yoga takes the principles of Yoga off the mat and puts them in motion out in the beauty of Nature.  Performed regularly and with sincere devotion, this practice can initiate profound energetic changes and can even bring Enlightenment!

Observation and appreciation of the Beauty of Nature and intentional commingling with the Elements can have profound healing and transformative power.

We build on the Buddhist practices of Walking Meditation and Mindfulness to bring full awareness to each step and full immersion into our experience of the environment.  We practice Bhakti (Devotion) to Divine Mother by appreciating the beautiful sights we encounter across the terrain.  We integrate the power of the Elements as we feel the richness of her Earth beneath our feet, as we open to the solar energy of the sky and absorb the sun and are surrounded in the quality of Air.




chakra energy

moving through physical limitations

Hikes can be as easy as a walk in the park or as difficult as summiting the highest peak in the Continental USA, Mt.  Whitney.  They can be one on one sessions or you can assemble a group of friends.

Once you have learned the principles of Hiking Yoga you will want to apply them every time you walk or hike.  And if you do you will see powerful, deep and rapid transformational results!


So you have taken meditation classes and read some books and you really want to sit and meditate regularly's literally a pain in the ass!  Or the back.  Or the legs.  Or you just don't know the right posture.  There are many obstacles to developing a regular sitting meditation practice, and one of them is that we are never really taught how to sit properly and comfortably.  And we are not generally taught that there are other options besides sitting crossed legged on the floor!

In the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali states that "Yoga sitting posture should be both stable and firm as well as comfortable and easeful".  You will learn how to cultivate a stable, grounded base that supports a flow of graceful ease throughout the spinal column.  You will become familiar with the parts of the spine and how they properly align for meditation.   We will learn the full range of options for meditational postures, from lying down to sitting in a chair to full lotus posture.  And we will practice a variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques that will prepare you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time.

We will also learn some basic practices to build your discipline and concentration so that over time you can go from struggling through a 10 minute meditation to hours of blissful absorption in Divine Presence.




OM is the primordial sound of the Universe.  It is the root of all sound and prayer.  From OM, seed syllables emerge that help us describe and interact with the qualities of the manifest Universe.  Deities that embody the Universal qualities can be Invoked through Word according the the yogi's need along the path.  

This workshop will teach you how to master OM and power of Word as a vehicle of inner transformation and blessing.  You will learn the seed syllables and how to use them to activate your chakra energies.  You will be introduced to key mantras in the Vedic and Tantric traditions and you will go home with a mantra for daily practice and the tools to perform it.

Kirtan sessions with the Kirtan Jam LA band is also available.  Kirtan is a style of call and response singing in which prayers (mantra) are put to music.  This is a practice of Bhakti Yoga, which seeks Divine Union through Devotion and Worship and Surrender.  Singing, chanting, clapping, dancing and playing of musical instruments are some of elements experienced in Kirtan.  This is a joyful, blissful practice of the heart that can lead to rapid and real spiritual development.  Divine Love!